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Best of the Best Wedding Photography in Greece. This how it all started!

2015 was an unbelievable year for me in so many aspects: it was full of new experiences, fascinating trips in Greece and abroad and, most of all, the pleasure of sharing unique moments with awesome couples celebrating their love and thrilled to embark on the wonderful adventure of marriage. And this wonderful year culminated in the most pleasant surprise I could ever expect…

Best of the Best Awards

But let me start at the beginning. You may have heard of the prestigious Junebug wedding photography contest. The best of the best wedding photography awards are given every year to photographers from all over the world. I have admired and been inspired by the work of the contest winners for years. So imagine my joy and excitement when I found out that 2 of the 50 best wedding photos for 2015 were mine! I am still finding it hard to believe that now I am one of the awarded photographers myself…

Wedding Photography in Greece

These two pictures were taken in Santorini, Greece, early in the afternoon in mid-June. Is it a coincidence that both weddings had taken place in Santorini? I don’t think so. I have adored this island since I took my first steps as a destination wedding photographer. There is something purely magical about it. Nowhere else can you find the absolute harmony emerging from the austere, clean lines and the bright, beautiful colours of the Cycladic landscape, all bathed in the dazzling Greek sunlight and surrounded by the deep Aegean blue. Nor is it a coincidence that both couples were so much in love and so eager to cooperate with me –despite the heat, the fatigue of the day, and the endless steps– to ensure pictures that reflected in the best possible way the happiness of their big day. And this is the key; because amazing pictures are the result not only of photography skills, but also of amazing human relationships.

As a professional photographer, but also as a happy husband and the father of 4 adorable kids, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the couples who have honoured me by choosing me to capture the best day of their life. No award and no distinction counts more than their genuine trust, friendship and love!

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