A poem from Spetses


There are moments in life when you feel that what you experience is something really special. And when the emotions linger long afterwards, you just know that these moments were truly precious and you are bound to cherish their memory for ever. Such memories are a source of one of the greatest joys in life for me…
Looking back to the unforgettable wedding of Giorgos and Stavroula in Spetses, I can’t help but feel blessed that I had the chance to be there and capture that unbelievable atmosphere with my camera. The warmth of the love, the genuine feelings and the personal messages I received from this beautiful couple and their friends was more than I had ever imagined. The lucky guests who shared the magic of that happy day, as well as all those who wished to come but couldn’t make it, contributed the best part of this blog: their touching comments, their humorous narratives and their personal perspectives.
All those who devote their time and efforts to express their thoughts and feelings add the final touch that makes each photoshooting complete and worth sharing. Without your presence here, nothing would have so much meaning. This is why I feel the need to thank personally all those who have been enriching this photoblog in so many ways for the last two years. I hope with all my heart that this creative interaction will never stop. Your positive thoughts and your kind words encourage me and give me the strength to continue…
Just a while ago Vanessa, a dear friend of Giorgos and Stavroula’s, shared with us a poem inspired by their wedding day. The initial title, “Vivacious Tranquillity”, was eventually changed to “Ever Forever Moments”. I feel very honoured and deeply moved when people like Vanessa express themselves with such sensitivity through this blog. Allow me then to share this lovely poem with you as a small token of my gratitude to her and to each and every one of you separately…

‘Ever Forever Moments’

Vivacious Tranquillity
In the Island of dreams,
Finally meets her Prince, Her other half,
Under the vast Universe of Sparkling Stars!
His beautiful hug,
Her electric eyes,
They so compliment each other.
So Much Love, So Unique.
Let’s celebrate with the new couple,
As they dance in life for the first time
As a man and a woman.
A wish; never to be apart.
First Kisses, graceful smiles.
So much to Live, even more to reach.
Let their hearts race, wild, fast.
Ever Forever moments.

With Love
Vanessa Papas

Υπαρχουν στιγμες που ολοι ζουμε κατι πολυ ξεχωριστο … Οταν αυτες οι στιγμες εχουν διαρκεια, δυσκολα μπορω να κρατησω τον ενθουσιασμο & τη χαρα μου… Μερες τωρα, μετα απο τον απιστευτο γαμο του Γιωργου & της Σταυρουλας στις Σπετσες, η αγαπη, τα συναισθηματα, τα προσωπικα μηνυματα, που εχω δεχτει απο τα παιδια και απο την τοσο ζεστη παρεα τους ειναι κατι που δεν θα μπορουσα ποτε να φανταστω… Φιλοι που εζησαν απο κοντα ολη τη χαρα, αλλα και φιλοι που δεν ηρθαν, με την δικη τους προσωπικη παρουσια και τα θερμα τους λογια απο comments & σχολια εχουν δωσει οτι πιο ωραιο υπαρχει για αυτο το blog. Μεσα απο τον καθε ξεχωριστο χαρακτηρα που αφιερωνει χρονο, σκεψεις & συναισθηματα και αποφασιζει να εκφραστει, ολοκληρωνεται καθε φωτογραφιση. Χωρις την δικη σας παρουσια εδω τιποτα δεν θα ειχε τοσο νοημα οσο αυτη τη στιγμη…
Με αφορμη ολα αυτα που συμβαινουν τον τελευταιο καιρο, ευχαριστω προσωπικα ολους οσους τα δυο τελευταια χρονια, με την παρουσια τους ομορφαινουν αυτο το ημερολογιο φωτογραφιων και ευχομαι ολοψυχα αυτο να μην σταματησει ποτε. Μεσα απο τις θετικες σκεψεις σας ειλικρινα παιρνω κουραγιο να συνεχισω…
Λιγο πριν μια καλη φιλη του Γιωργου & της Σταυρουλας, η Βανεσσα μοιραστηκε στα comments της φωτογραφισης ενα ποιημα που εμπνευστηκε την ημερα του γαμου. Κατι που ξεκινησε σαν ” Vivacious Tranquillity ” κατεληξε σε ‘Ever Forever Moments’
Προσωπικα ειναι μεγαλη τιμη αλλα και πολυ συγκινητικο μεσα απο εδω, ανθρωποι σαν την Βανεσσα να εκφραζονται με αυτο το τροπο. Παιρνω το θαρρος να το μοιραστω μαζι σας σαν ενα μικρο δειγμα ευγνωμοσυνης προς την ιδια αλλα και προς ολους εσας…

  1. Giorgos-Stavroula

    We feel blessed to have friends like ours during this very special moment with us.
    We had been looking forward to this moment since the engagement last year and we had been working hard towards organising our wedding to please our friends and share with them our love.
    In return, what we received from all our guests, the smiles, the wishes, the hugs, the emotions and of course the wild partying made those moments the best days of our lives! It was really worth all the efforts!
    Thanasi , your talent and above all your character is vital in keeping these memories alive through your creations. Thank you!
    Vanessa, , this is priceless …. We still our mouth wide open. The poem is a great reflection of everything that has happened during the day as well as of our personalities. Love you!