Matina Baptism Photography

Αφορμή για την φωτογραφιση της βάπτισης της μικρης Ματίνας ηταν η γνωριμία μου με τον Σαββα, τον θειο της… Οταν πριν απο ενα χρονο φωτογραφιζα την βαπτιση του δευτερου τους γιου Βίκτωρα. δεν φανταζόμουν την εξέλιξη της πολυ καλής φιλίας που εχουμε σήμερα! Μαζί με τον Γίωργο τον αδελφό του είναι απο τις οικογένειες που μου άνοιξαν μια πόρτα στη ζωης τους τοσο φιλόξενα και με τοση αγάπη που δύσκολα συναντά κανείς… Σάββα & Ιωάννα, Γιώργο & Όλγα, ευχαριστώ για την εμπιστοσύνη που μου δείξατε και σαν φωτογραφο αλλα και σαν ανθρωπο!

My acquaintance with Savvas was one of the main reasons I undertook so gladly to shoot the baptism of his niece Matina, a sweet baby girl with golden hair and angelic eyes. It is times like these that make me feel I must thank my lucky stars I have chosen a profession that brings me constantly in touch with beauty and happiness. How could a photo of such an adorable little face be anything but beautiful?
I met Savvas a year ago when I shot the baptism of his younger son Victor. I had no idea at the time that we would soon become such good friends. Savvas and his brother Yiorgos’ families have opened their hearts and homes to me so hospitably and have welcomed me into their lives with so much love and kindness that I can’t help feeling grateful for my job, which gives me the chance to meet such great people.
Savvas and Ioanna, Yiorgos and Olga, thank you for the trust you have placed in me as a photographer and as a person. Your friendship makes my life richer!