Santorini Wedding Photoshoot: 5 Ways to Shine Like a Star

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On your wedding photoshoot in Santorini you’ll be the star…Now is your time to shine!

Wedding photoshoot in Santorini

Wedding photography is an art and the stunning scenery of Santorini is the ideal canvas for a perfect photoshoot. And now that you are getting married you have the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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I have always loved Santorini. Indeed, it is a breathtaking island. The stark white houses, the friendly people, the endless sea and sky views and, above all, its mystical aura guarantee an unforgettable experience.

I wouldn’t change that deep Mediterranean blue color for anything in the world!

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So, let’s get right to the point and see some useful wedding photo tips…  As I love to call them, these are my “5 Ways to Shine Like a Star” during a wedding photoshoot. So, let’s begin!

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1. Confidence

Your wedding day is almost here! You have arrived at your preferred destination -Santorini, Mykonos, or elsewhere. You feel ecstatically happy, blessed, over the moon. But somewhere deep, deep inside, there’s a little question nagging you: will your photos be good?

You know what? They will. They will be everything you have dreamed of! All you need to do is be yourself and choose a wedding photographer who is on the same page as you and will be able to capture the precious moments of your big day for eternity!

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Let’s talk about the most important ingredient in a relationship. I bet you have spent endless hours searching for the ideal wedding photographer. You have been wandering along the winding paths of the Internet for days. And nights of course! You have seen countless photos… and then you come across the work of one particular photographer and you instantly know that he is the one. You are going to click. And he will be not be just your photographer but also a trusted friend. Phew! Your search is over.

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So, first of all, you must book a photographer you feel you can trust. Find out about him through his work. Let his photos speak for him. Make sure he’s a skilled and seasoned photographer with many, many hours of experience (believe me, this can never be overemphasized!). He must also know the place you have chosen for your wedding like the back of his hand. If your destination is Santorini, for instance, select a Greek wedding photographer who is familiar with the peculiarities and secrets of the dazzling Greek sunlight, the bright colors and the wild beauty of this enchanting Aegean island so that he will be able to use their magic to the best advantage.

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2. Sharing

Don’t hesitate to talk to your wedding photographer about your dreams. Tell him what you expect from his photoshoot. Most of all, talk to him about you! Relax and enjoy the moment. Good pictures, however, don’t capture just the moment; they reflect ourselves, our deepest feelings and thoughts. So, leave everything in your photographer’s hands, live the moment and, above all, be spontaneous!

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3. A life for two

Planning a wedding may be a thrilling adventure. You need to book the venues, explore ideas for the best possible decoration and of course choose a jaw-dropping wedding dress, which must be unique and exquisitely crafted.

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This is where I am about to share with you a secret that few people know. Taking pictures of a beautiful bride or an elegant groom, especially when they know how to pose correctly, is a wedding photographer’s greatest delight. But when taking pictures of a couple, the photographer must treat the two as one. A wedding photo represents a common vision, a wonderful shared life that is about to start with the wedding…

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So this is my advice: focus on the person next to you –your better half. Listen to him; smile. Live the moment together… This is what is going to make the picture last forever! As we said before, these photos represent the beginning of a shared life. So be as natural as possible.

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4. Knowledge

The center of an image is the people participating in it. The background of an image is filled with the environment that surrounds us. How much do you know about your wedding destination?

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Think about that: almost the entire island of Santorini consists of volcanic rock. The greyish slopes and the azure sea create one of the most romantic sceneries in the world! To me Santorini means energy-energy-energy! An energy that overwhelms, enchants and uplifts you –something very hard to explain in words…

bride with bridemaids throws the bouquet

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There are many famous wedding venues in Greece. Take Monemvasia, for instance. It is a fascinating medieval castle town built on a tiny island full of cute little chapels, old mansions and red-roofed houses. If you wish for a fairytale atmosphere, a real journey through time, you have found your dream destination; don’t look elsewhere!

Of course, you may prefer the aristocratic elegance of Spetses, a little haven of peace and tranquillity where the only vehicles allowed are horse-drawn carts, or the luxury and the exclusive privileges and amenities of Costa Navarino. And let’s not forget the world-famous island of Mykonos, ideal for those who prefer a more cosmopolitan and sophisticated lifestyle combined with the raw beauty of the wind-beaten Cycladic landscape.

Finding out the special characteristics of your wedding destination and learning about its history and traditions is crucial for your wedding photos. The more you know about a place, the more you love it. Furthermore, you will feel much more confident about what you are about to do. You will feel at ease and in perfect harmony with your preferred destination and your photos will reflect this feeling. Take my word for it!

5. Tell a friend

The most amazing day of your life is almost here! You have chosen a fantastic wedding dress, a wedding song that has always meant something special to you, all the details have been taken care of and you are only a few days away from the great ceremony. But somewhere at the back of your mind, there’s a person you are truly fond of… He/she might be a best friend, a relative or simply a person that you genuinely appreciate. Someone you would like to have by your side on the most important day of your life.

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It is not so rare for couples to invite their near and dear ones to participate in their pre-wedding preparations. These people may be of invaluable help, offering unconditional support, relieving your stress with their refreshing humor and jokes, or surprising you with clever suggestions or their incredible taste. Whatever the case, if you are thinking of asking a friend to be with you during those last emotionally charged days just before you tie the knot, do it! You will surely benefit from their ideas about things that you may not have thought of! Getting a second opinion is always the key to success. And one thing is certain: the presence of people you love will fill you with joy, strength and optimism!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to share? Any concerns or thoughts that you feel you should discuss? I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have! Just look at the contact section at the top of my page and send me a message.

So, don’t just dream of a perfect wedding. Make sure you live it! Because you deserve to have a dream wedding. YES, YOU DO!

You will be the author of your own unique story. And I will illustrate it with unique photos that will stay in your heart forever!

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