Wedding in Pelion, Greece


It had been a long time since I had last attended a traditional Greek wedding, especially up in the mountains and not by the sea. There is something about the scenic beauty of an imposing mountain landscape that always touches me deeply and brings childhood memories to my mind, memories flashing before my eyes like pictures of those carefree, happy days. Oh, how I wish I had real pictures of that distant magical time of joy and innocence!
When Dimitris & Ioanna asked me to be their wedding photographer and described to me all the details they had planned for their big day, I couldn’t ask for more… Tradition has always been in my heart and every time I have the chance to live such an experience I feel so lucky.
Both the bride and the groom and their families made me feel at home from the very first moment. Dimitris & Ioanna’s wedding was the event of the summer for the old charming village of Lafkos, Pelion. The preparations started early in the morning. Guests were treated to local delicacies, the air was filled with the delicious aromas of the various dishes that were already being cooked, the village square had been decorated to welcome the couple, and musicians with traditional Greek instruments offered wonderful entertainment, giving everybody a pre-taste of the feast that awaited us. Their wedding photos was incredible!
It is so moving when a whole village eagerly participates in the preparations for a wedding and shares the happiest day of the couple. And it is a true blessing for me to witness such heart touching moments as a photographer and capture them through my lens…
Dimitris & Ioanna, your warmth and kindness, your disarmingly simple manners, and the positive energy you exude have made my stay in Pelion really unforgettable. Thank you so much for everything!

  1. amelie

    Απίστευτη δουλειά!!!!!!

  2. Fotograf Gdansk

    Lovely wedding! A lot of emotions and joy. Just perfect! 🙂