Amphitheatre Wedding in Ios Island, Greece


This wedding in Ios island will make you love Greece for ever!

Having a job that fulfills you and makes you happy and complete as a person, a job that you really believe in, is one of the greatest blessings in life. I must admit, however, that I owe my faith in what I do to all those amazing couples that have honoured me with their trust and friendship. I have said it many times and I suspect I will say it many more: it is thanks to all those wonderful people, to every single wedding and every single wedding trip, that I have gained such valuable and enriching experiences leading to professional maturity and personal life satisfaction.

Sailing in Ios Island

The wedding of Kirby and Tey reminded me once again of all the above. They are definitely one of the happiest couples I have ever met and I realized it from the very first moment I talked with them. Kirby and Tey invited good friends and relatives from the four corners of the world to Ios island, Greece, for their wedding. Ios is located in Cyclades, and is famous for its blue seas, sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife. And when you are on such a beautiful island, what better way to start the pre-wedding celebrations than with a catamaran sailing trip? All the guests loved it and enjoyed greatly the fresh sea breeze and the stunning views of the Aegean blue, along with loud music, drinks and swimming. It was a unique sailing experience!

Wedding Ceremony in an Amphitheatre

In a symbolic gesture, Kirby and Tey exchanged necklaces, pledging their devotion to each other. And then the big day came. The wedding ceremony took place in the Odysseas Elytis amphitheatre, which is located on a hilltop overlooking Milopotas Beach and has amazing acoustics. The couple chose this place because they have a very strong connection with it. The groom, in modern attire and with his hair in rasta dreadlocks, watched in awe as his charming bride walked down the stone steps in her wonderful lace wedding dress. And I was so amazed with the groom’s parents as they chose to wear the traditional clothes of their country, Ghana. Also in this wedding i had the pleasure to work with the very talented videographers Withheartfilms!
Everybody danced and had a great time at the celebration and the VIP party that followed. There were lots of young people from all over the world who were thrilled to be there and celebrate the beginning of Kirby and Tey’s new life together. Love and happiness were palpable in the air and Ios island was transformed to a piece of heaven, for the newlyweds.

Dear Kirby & Tey, thank you for allowing me to share those happy moments with you. May the rest of your life be as sunny and joyful as your wedding day!

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