Wedding in Amsterdam


wedding in Amsterdam photo in the rain

Well, this has been a really amazing week. My first destination was Italy where I would do the photoshoot of one of my favourite couples. The roadtrip to scenic Vernazza, one of the renowned coastal villages of Cinque Terre, and spectacularly romantic Tuscany was beyond description (blog post coming soon).
Then I headed for beautiful Amsterdam, for the wedding of Eric and Marloes. It is thanks to people who honour me with their trust that my dream of travelling around the world is now turning into reality. Eric and Marloes live in the Netherlands and I just couldn’t believe my ears when they asked me to shoot their wedding. Amersfoort struck me as an ideal place to live in; I was captivated not only by the wonderfully picturesque environment, but also by the politeness and niceness of the local people and the refreshingly relaxed lifestyle. The streets were full of colours, laughter and carefree cyclists, as the bicycle seems to be one of the favourite means of transport for grown-ups and children alike…
Eric and Marloes were so friendly and nice to me that I felt at home from the very first moment. I will never forget my first day at Eric’s house, the traditional Thai cuisine dinner prepared for the occasion and the warmth of his mother’s invitation to share it with the family. I was equally impressed by Marloes’ parents; their smile spoke of their geniality and their kind character far more eloquently than any words could have done…
As to the couple’s friends, it’s really hard to find words to describe them. Only at the reception did I realize that half of the guests were actually musicians! Eric’s band, the “Livefields”, played music that night and everybody present joined them enthusiastically singing and sharing their love for the newlyweds… What a party!
These were three unbelievable days. There were moments when I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. But one look at the happy couple’s smiling eyes was enough to convince me it was all real… Eric and Marloes, I honestly have no words to express my gratitude to you for giving me the chance to share this unique experience with you. Thank you so much for everything!
Of course, none of this would have happened if Adam Alex, one of Eric’s best friends, had not introduced me to you, guys. So, Adam, these last lines of this post are for you. I’d like to thank you personally for everything you have given me so generously so far. Thank you for all the inspiration, all our exciting discussions and whatever experiences await us in the future. Thanks again, my friend!

  1. Adam Alex

    Well well well. Where do I start? This might be a long comment. First of all I would like to extend my love for Eric and Marloes. I am very happy for you when I see this images but I am also very sad that I could not make this special day for you. I know we live so far apart and life is crazy busy for us all, but I do love you both very much. Eric, you are like the very very annoying little brother I never wanted 😉 and well Marloes, your just stunning inside and out. I have never seen you without a smile and that is a gift. Always smile, especially if you now have to spend your life with Eric haha. You look so beautiful in your pictures, even more beautiful than in real life and I didnt think that was possible. Eric, even you turned out ok and maybe soon your will grow some facial hair. I know that Thanasis would have taken care of you because he has a serving spirit, he loves to serve people, so he was the best match for you and the images are proof of that. Anita, I miss you!!!! When I lived in the Netherlands, Eric’s mother Anita treated me like her son… the hairy one 😉 she took me in, fed me and we spent so many hours talking to very late in the morning. I would never forget that Anita and I love you very much. I was homeless and you made me a room and bed to sleep in, even if stupid Eric kept me awake all night. You even welcomed me to move back to live at yours while I re-settled back into the Netherlands, thank you. Guys, cherish your images, its all you have left from your wedding, Thanasis is a great guy and done an amazing job. I know he has a funny name but us Greeks cant help that 😉 Love you all 🙂

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Adam my friend!!! Now i don’t know from where to start. First of all thank you for this emotional comment. It means a lot for me really! Υour honesty coming out of your heart is for me a guide. Everybody at the wedding was asking about you. Everybody loves you and you deserve it!!! Thank you again for all that you have done for me.

  2. Adam Alex

    Oh i forgot, Eric, are you crying in the pictures? are you trying to play the bass like me? man stick to the guitar and leave the bass to Chiv dude.

  3. Piet Van Den Oever

    Thanasis, my friend. These photos are so beautiful. You did averybgreat job, never seen photos like these. Huge. Greetings, the father of the bride.

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Piet believe me, i’m in Greece two days and i’m thinking all of you all the time. It was such an awesome experience to be with you. Thank you for the awesome hospitality and for making me feel like home. I hope i’ll see you soon again!

  4. Piet Van Den Oever

    You are more than welcome.

  5. Peggy Sieberichs

    Hi Thanasis, Adam is right … You did a marvelous job with the shoot . Great images of the day. Good to hear that you enjoyed staying in Amersfoort …

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Peggy thank you very much for your feedback! Im miss all of you guys, it was great to be there with you! And the landscape of course, absolutely amazing!

  6. Yiannis Sotiropoulos

    No words to describe…. i can’t imagine something better than this …. GREAT job my friend!!!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Yiannis thank you my friend! Sometimes i feel that all of you are part of all this stories with your support!!!

  7. Master of ceremony

    Great pictures! Really amazing! Some pictures are really insane!!!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Thank you so much Jeff! Your help during the wedding days was so important ! Thank you!

  8. Gideon Blom

    whowwwwww! The pictures photos are so beautiful, good job!

    στην υγειά σας

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Hahahaaaaa!!! Thank you Gideon… I still remember your voice in the wedding party ” γεια μας ” and trying to find from where it was coming…

  9. Reni & Elisa Krijgsman

    WHOOOOO!! A M A Z I N G PICTURES!! Man, we’re gonna bookmark you to our favorites.
    You catched the truth of moments and you did that very well.

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Reni & Elisa thank you from my heart! Im so happy with your comment. You played so awesome music that night that helped us all to express our feelings!

  10. antonis sef

    Thanasis amazing job. The party starts now…!!!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Antonis, what can i say… If you believe this im more than happy!!! I take a lot of courage from you my friend, thank you!

  11. Joy

    So amazed by the beautiful photos you took for Eric and Marloes. It’s a faiytale story of two people who love each other so much which is captured forever. Eric told me with proud that you were the photographer and of your capabilities. They couldnt wish for better!! Goodluck with your work!

  12. thanasis kaiafas

    Joy thank you so much! Eric gave me so much from the first time i was in Amsterdam. All the hospitality, the freedom, the trust… He made me feel part of all of all you! When i feel these emotions, believe me i can’t wish for better. Thank you for your wishes and i hope i ‘ll see you again someday!

  13. Claire

    Thanasis, what a great job on the photos! Speechless from the wedding, but also speechless from your photos. You Are Gifted!! You catched many precious moments on the wedding day of Eric and Marloes!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Hi Claire, you are also so gifted artist and your feedback its very important for me ! Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts!!!

  14. andriana mouchti

    so beutifull pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. andriana mouchti

    once again you are amazing thanasis!!!!!!!!! i’m waiting for the next one!!!!!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Thank you Andriana for your kind words!!! Im happy that you liked the photoshoot.

  16. Tamara van Eijk

    WAAAAUWIEEE,… those pictures are really amazing. At first I did not understand why they wanted a photographer from another country, but i really get it now!
    The pictures look exactly like that day was… absolutely amazing:)!


    • thanasis kaiafas

      Hey Tamara!!! Actually it was so amazing because you were the first person who said the first song to Eric & Marloes and i still remember that feeling in my heart. Im really glad for your feedback and so happy!

  17. anita leidelmeyer-simorangkir

    Dear Thanasis, Thank you so much……for the best shoot from one of the most special days in our life. Especially for Eric and Marloes!!!

    You make me and my fam, and all of our friends so happy with your gracefully gifted.
    When i see the pictures, i can see “us”, and the happiness that blessed all of us, and i can see you, modesty moving with your camera, It is a blessing to have you in our midst.

    When you are in Holland, so come and stay with us, Adam’s friend is also our friend, and hope to see you soon.

    We give thanks The giver of all gifts.

  18. thanasis kaiafas

    Anita… You are the role model of a mother!!! From the first day to the last you were given to me all the love i needed to do my best. And i want to thank you with all my heart! I was so happy when i realised that Eric is like you in heart and soul.
    Adam is so right about you dear Anita! I wish some day soon, i will be with you again eating, laughing and enjoying your awesome hospitality!

  19. Spiros Zaharakis

    Hey, I came a little late in the party didn’t I? Thanasi, you are amazing! I think I’ve told you that before though.
    Once more you did a fantastic job and not surprisingly everybody loved you. I feel proud to be your friend.

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Wow Spiros… My friend I’m reading your comment and i feel so happy because you, as a photographer & as a friend… You are so special & unique! I really feel proud about your feelings! Thank you so much my friend.

  20. Xanthi Tsouka


  21. george pahountis

    μπραβο σου Θαναση, μας κανεις ολους περηφανους, δεν εχω τι αλλο να πω τα εγραψαν οι ..προηγουμενοι!

  22. thanasis kaiafas

    Καθε φορα νιωθω τοσο ευγνωμοσυνη για ολα αυτα και το ευχαριστω ακουγεται τοσο λιγο… Ισως καποιος να νομιζει οτι μπορει να το κανω μηχανικα… Αλλα αληθεια το ελαχιστο που μπορω να κανω ειναι να λεω ενα ευχαριστω στα τοσο ενθαρυντικα και ζεστα λογια σας…
    Γιωργο ειμαι πολυ χαρουμενος για τα καλα σου λογια. Εισαι για εμενα προτυπο και σαν φωτογραφος αλλα και σαν ανθρωπος!

  23. Fabian Benjamins

    Dear Thanasis;
    where to start man….
    there have been so many great words and comments to you allready!!! It’s true we all know Adam Alex is a great guy and has an adorable haircut -the hairy one- … LOL.

    But man, with these pictures you’ve amazed us all. To me, the marriage of my best friend could not be captured in a better way possible than you did. What a tasteful and colourfull eye you’ve got there…….

    These pictures will be kept in our hearts forever; the day was amazing and emotional and you took the rollercoaster ride with us!!! —
    Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts — Fabian Benjamins

    —– —–> And yes….I love Greek people…so if you’re around the Amsterdam Area again…don’t forget to prepare me some Gyros, Souflaki or Tzatziki….. God bless you!!!!

  24. thanasis kaiafas

    Fabian thank you for sharing your feelings man!!! Im always thinking that every photoshoot is completing with your feedback, comments & thoughts!!!
    And as you said, i want to thank from my heart, everyone from these wonderfull 3 days in Netherlands for all the beautifull laughs emotional & excitment moments. All of you are creating these stories and i feel so blessed to be with you. Thank you for your wishes & i cant wait to meet you again Fabian!