Dream Wedding at Skiathos Elivi Hotel, Where Elegance Meets Romance


wedding in skiathos elivi hotel

A Dream Wedding at Skiathos Elivi Hotel with a dream couple full in love! Imagine a love story so enchanting that it could only be celebrated on the magical shores of Skiathos, at the luxurious Elivi Hotel. Meet Maggie and George, a beloved couple whose connection is both profound and elegant! Their romance blossomed in the very place where they chose to say ‘I do,’ making their wedding not just a celebration but a return to where their love story began. From the bride’s breathtaking Oscar de la Renta dress to the groom’s heartfelt tears at their first look, every detail was infused with grace and love. Join us as we journey through their magical three-day wedding, a testament to true love and a source of inspiration for all brides-to-be.


A Dream Wedding at Skiathos, Your Perfect Destination”

Skiathos is a small Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea, and the westernmost island in the Northern Sporades group. Renowned for its golden sandy beaches, lush pine forests, and charming old town, this gem of the Aegean has become a favorite destination for travelers seeking a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

skiathos-chora-town-photoBut for Maggie and George, Skiathos held a more profound significance. This small island was not only a dream destination for their wedding day but also the birthplace of their love. As George shared their love story during his speech at the rehearsal party, he revealed that Skiathos was the island where they met for the first time. They fell in love under its dazzling sunsets, walked hand in hand through its narrow cobblestone streets, and promised each other a lifetime of happiness beside its crystal clear waters. Their wedding day on this enchanting island was a celebration that went beyond mere aesthetics; it was a symbol of their journey and a dream come true. Friends and family gathered from all over the world to celebrate their love, united in the very place where it all began. From beach parties to “Mamma Mia” private cinema movie, to the rehearsal dinner, and to the wedding day, every moment was infused with the magic of Skiathos, reflecting the authenticity and romance of Maggie and George’s relationship. The island’s unique blend of traditional Greek hospitality and stunning landscapes made it the perfect setting for their elegant wedding, creating memories that they, and their guests, will cherish forever.


A 3-Day Celebration of Love and Elegance in Skiathos: Maggie and George’s Dream Wedding

Day One: Beach Party at Baracoa & Mama Mia Movie in Open Air Cinema Skiathos Town

Ah, Baracoa Skiathos Beach Bar, where the air is perfumed with the intoxicating scent of salty sea and blooming florals. It was here, under the Grecian sun and against a backdrop of cerulean waters, that Maggie and George’s nearest and dearest first gathered. Friends and family had traveled from all corners of the Earth, jet-setting from various time zones, just to step onto this slice of heaven in Skiathos. As George often says, Greek summers are an unrivaled enchantment of light, sea, and a vibrancy that can only be experienced on an island—and indeed, it was the perfect setting for rekindling connections and making new memories.


The mood was effervescent, charged with anticipation for the love-filled days ahead. Everyone was tingling with excitement, not just to celebrate the pending nuptials, but to be together again. It felt like a global reunion, with friends mingling effortlessly despite the years and miles that had previously separated them. Laughter and the clinking of glasses harmonized with the soothing sounds of the Aegean Sea. Beach games sprung up organically, as if the sand itself encouraged play. Guests kicked off their sandals to run barefoot, engaging in spontaneous games of beach volleyball and frisbee, all while the sun generously poured its golden glow upon them.


And oh, the swimming! As if orchestrated by Poseidon himself, everyone—yes, everyone—found themselves lured by the turquoise embrace of the water, swimming, splashing, and even floating in blissful unity. What’s a beach party without a toast, you ask? Pina Coladas were the libation of choice, adding just the right touch of tropical fantasy to the day. With each sip, it was clear: this was just the beginning of a truly unforgettable 3-day celebration.


So there it was, the prelude to a wedding that promised to be as spellbinding as the love story it celebrated. From the shores of Baracoa Skiathos Beach Bar, bathed in the light of the Grecian sun and elevated by the joy of reunion, Maggie and George’s wedding festivities had officially begun. And oh, what a beginning it was.


A Night Under the Stars: The ‘Mamma Mia’ Magic Unfolds in Skiathos’ Open-Air Cinema

Oh, dear, you’ll absolutely adore what happened next! As the golden hues of the sunset faded into the horizon, the glimmering lights of Skiathos Town set the stage for an unforgettable experience on the iconic Papadiamanti Street, where the pulse of the island truly beats. You see, George had been nursing a heartwarming surprise for an entire year—every guest was invited to an open-air cinema featuring none other than “Mamma Mia! The Movie.” How fitting, right? After all, the film was shot on the idyllic islands of Skopelos and Skiathos, making it the quintessential tribute to their wedding destination.

wedding-couple-dancing-From the moment the first chords of “Dancing Queen” resonated through the air, the atmosphere was electric. No one could resist—the energy was contagious. Guests were not just seated; they were swaying, laughing, and even dancing on the chairs and cinema stage! Maggie and George were the stars of this live-action musical, their joy magnified on the big screen and reflected in the faces of their dearest friends and family.



I’ve been capturing love stories for a long time, but let me tell you, the sheer magic of that night was unparalleled. To be in a summer cinema, under the sprawling canvas of a Skiathos night sky, watching your favorite film with all your loved ones just days before exchanging vows… it’s the stuff of fairy tales. Truly, it was a night dipped in the gold of Abba classics, sealed with love, and wrapped in the warm, Greek air. It was as if the island itself was serenading Maggie and George, gearing them up for the dreamy ‘I dos’ yet to come. Honestly, could you think of a more fabulous kickoff for a three-day wedding extravaganza? I can’t!


The Rehearsal Dinner at Borzoi Club in Skiathos

The Borzoi Club in Skiathos! Even the name conjures images of glamour and high style, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of pink and gold, Maggie and George arrived for their rehearsal dinner, embodying elegance in every sense.


Before this enchanted evening, I had the privilege of capturing a dreamy engagement session with the couple amid the narrow, cobblestone streets of Skiathos Chora. Oh, how picturesque they looked against the charming backdrop of traditional Greek architecture! Maggie, radiant in a white dress, her eyes shielded by vintage-style sunglasses, was the epitome of grace. George, complementing her perfectly, donned shades of green and white—echoing the lush landscape of Skiathos. This photoshoot was a mere glimpse, a thrilling prelude to the magic that would unfurl on their wedding day at Elivi Hotel.


Back at Borzoi Club, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. Guests, each reflecting a piece of Maggie and George’s diverse world, settled into their seats, ready for a night to remember. As Maggie and George made their grand entrance, they were greeted with a symphony of cheers and applause—a perfect kickoff for the night’s festivities.


The club itself was an ode to aesthetic brilliance, a venue that seamlessly blended with the overarching theme of the wedding. Imagine a space that captures timeless elegance and contemporary style in equal measure—that’s Borzoi for you. And it’s all coordinatefd beautifully by the ever-talented Skiathos wedding planner.

Emotions ran high as speeches rolled in from loved ones. Parents, siblings, and best friends each took turns sharing heartfelt stories and well-wishes, filling the room with a love so palpable, it was almost a physical presence. By the time George discreetly came up to me and asked, “Can you stay for the pre-wedding party?” I knew I was in for a treat.


Trust me, I’ve been to many pre-wedding parties, but what unfolded next was pure magic. But don’t just take my word for it; I’ll let the photos do the talking. As I captured each moment, I couldn’t help but think that this was merely the ‘warm-up act’ for what would be an unforgettable wedding celebration at Elivi Hotel the next day.


The Enchanting Elegance of a Wedding Day at Elivi Hotel, Skiathos

Oh, where do I even begin to describe the allure and magic that enveloped the wedding day of Maggie and George at the remarkable Elivi Hotel in Skiathos? From the moment I arrived at the venue, I felt like I had been transported to a Grecian paradise, carefully tailored for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. The architecture, in synergy with the lush olive groves and towering trees, was simply the epitome of aesthetic brilliance—a heavenly setting that made my photographer’s heart skip a beat.


Sophia, the incredible soul orchestrating every nuance of this special day, welcomed me with her radiant smile. Her expertise was the unseen thread weaving the day’s events into a seamless tapestry. As we toured the venue, visualizing each setting from the intimate first-look at the olive groves to the grandeur of the wedding ceremony, I felt increasingly grateful for her support. With Sophia at the helm, I knew that capturing the day’s magic through my lens would be an unparalleled experience.

What heightened the day’s beauty was the meticulous craftsmanship of each vendor. The florists from Flowers Skiathos turned the venue into a blooming wonderland, their arrangements adding life and color to every corner. The chefs were in their element, preparing gastronomic delights that promised to tickle the taste buds of guests from around the world. Katerina Theocharis, our go-to for beauty, was already at work, brushes in hand, ready to turn Maggie into the glowing bride she was meant to be. And let’s not forget Nikos Cuts, the grooming guru for our groom and his groomsmen, making sure everyone looked sharp and on point.

As for the music, Grooms Therapy was tuning their instruments, their saxophonist running a few scales. The air was filled with palpable excitement, as the barmen prepared their stations, anticipating the wave of guests eager for those signature cocktails that would soon be flowing. It was a thrilling start, to say the least. The stage was set; all we needed now was for Maggie and George to step into the spotlight, and for their love story to come alive amidst this breathtaking backdrop.

It was a wedding where each vendor wasn’t just a service provider, but an artist in their own right, their skills contributing to an ever-growing masterpiece. The stage was set, the canvas prepped, and as the preparations reached their crescendo, I couldn’t help but think—this wasn’t just another wedding; this was going to be an epic tale of love, celebration, and unforgettably beautiful moments. And trust me when I say, you’ll want to see the photos to believe it.



An Unmatched Morning of Groom Preparation and Revelry: George’s Prelude to ‘I Do’

Oh, the ambiance was electric at Elivi Hotel as George and his groomsmen kicked off the day in unparalleled style. An expert barber, Nikos Cuts, came in, setting up a miniature grooming salon right in their private villa. With skilled hands, he shaved, trimmed, and groomed the men to perfection. It was an extraordinary bonding experience, a blend of luxury and friendship that only heightened the anticipation for the moments to come.


Following their grooming session, the boys couldn’t resist diving into a spontaneous pool party in their secluded villa, encased in the lush, verdant scenery that Elivi Hotel is famous for. Champagne flutes replaced traditional beer cans, adding an elegant touch as they toasted to friendship, love, and new beginnings. The air was charged with laughter and shouts as they took turns leaping into the pristine water, their carefree spirits captured in every snapshot.


Eventually, it was time for George to suit up. He slipped into a custom-tailored suit that held sentimental details: the wedding date delicately stitched into the jacket’s inner lining. Custom New York Knicks cufflinks representing his past affiliation with the basketball team added a personal touch, and Gucci shoes completed his ensemble, epitomizing the ideal blend of sophistication and individuality.


The Radiance and Artistry Behind Maggie’s Bridal Transformation

As I approached Maggie’s villa, a sense of anticipation washed over me. I was about to photograph a bride whose aura was nothing short of ethereal. Maggie wasn’t just the bride; she was the artistic soul orchestrating each intricate detail of her dream wedding. A jewelry designer by trade, her artistic vision combined with her sensitive nature added a layer of magic to every moment.


Upon entering her suite, my eyes were greeted by a tableau of beauty and grace. Maggie was being styled by Katerina Theocharis, an extraordinarily gifted makeup and hair stylist. There she sat, enveloped in an ambiance of chic, sipping champagne and donning her signature white sunglasses. The vision left me momentarily speechless.


Her wedding details were curated to the nines: Bespoke stationery she designed herself, elegantly complemented by a pair of Jimmy Choo block hills, and—take a breath—the most enchanting Oscar de la Renta wedding dress you could ever imagine. Just a quick note—while writing this, I learned we’ve already been featured, along with Maggie and George, in an Oscar de la Renta showcase. Two photos capturing their love are now part of the brand’s legacy.


With every curl set and the final stitch in place, Maggie stepped into her Oscar de la Renta masterpiece. She was now ready for the moment she had been waiting for—the first look with George.

The Spellbinding First Look Under the Olive Trees of Elivi Skiathos

Ah, the first look—the emotional crescendo where two souls lay eyes on each other, cloaked in the anticipation and the magic of a love story that’s about to unfold publicly. George was standing under the ancient olive trees that have born witness to countless promises, his breath caught in the whispers of the Skiathos wind. The moment was as palpable as the very air around us.


As Maggie gracefully approached, you could almost feel George’s heartbeat synchronizing with the rhythm of her footsteps. When she finally stood before him, time seemed to hold its breath. Overcome with emotion, George was rooted to the spot, his eyes shimmering like the Aegean Sea. The moment he saw Maggie, he was moved to tears—crying openly, a testament to his deep love and joy.


Maggie, radiant in her ethereal gown, performed an impromptu twirl, scattering her happiness like petals in the wind. She then looked up to meet his gaze, and in that instant, they shared a love so pure, so redolent of eternal commitment, that you’d swear they were the only two people in the world.


This tableau of romance was so universal, so without borders, that it evoked the elegance of a Lace Como setting. If you closed your eyes and reopened them to just the photos, you’d struggle to pinpoint whether this fairy tale unfolded in the olive groves of Skiathos or the vineyards of Tuscany, in Greece or Italy. The backdrop was irrelevant; their love was the true landscape, limitless and unbounded.



As a photographer, witnessing such a sacred exchange is a blessing beyond words. It’s moments like these that make every click of the camera a tribute to love’s enduring essence.


The Wedding Ceremony in Skiathos Amidst a Floral Symphony

With the first look still warming our hearts, it was time to transition into the wedding ceremony. By now, anticipation was at an all-time high. Friends, family, and the bridal party had all taken their seats, and a palpable sense of excitement filled the air.

bride walking the aisle in skiathos elivi hotel

The setting was nothing short of a dream. Picture this: a tapestry of wild yellow and purple blooms, intermingled with classic white roses, hanging like a floral chandelier above the ceremony area. It was as if the heavens had rained down a flower painting—courtesy of Skiathos Flowers and under the visionary design of Maggie.

wedding celebration in skiathos

The simplicity of the ceremony only amplified its emotional resonance. As the couple exchanged vows, every word, every promise, and every glance felt like a scene plucked straight from a romantic movie. We were all not just witnesses but participants in this monumental chapter of their love story.


As the ceremony concluded, everyone celebrated the newlyweds in the most traditional Greek way—by throwing rice as a symbol of prosperity, good health, and a happy life ahead. It was a movie-like moment, only it wasn’t scripted. It was real, and it was beautiful.


bride-in-coctail-party-in-skiathos-eliviwedding-dinner-setup-in-skiathos-elivi-hotelwedding-decor-in-skiathos-elivi-hotelart-de-la-table-in-skiathos-weddingtabletop-wedding-decor-in-elivi-skiathoswedding-decoration-in-skiathos-elivi-hotelA  Wedding Reception to Remember: A Symphony of Handpicked Elegance and Love

As the bridal party photos wrapped up, the stage was set for a wedding reception like no other. Orchestrated by George and Apostolis from Skiathos Wedding Planners, the venue transformed into a whimsical countryside dreamscape, complete with Maggie’s personally selected handmade pottery and vibrant blooms. Picture this: the beauty of Skiathos’ landscape gracefully mingling with the elegance of Elivi Hotel’s architecture—it was like walking into a dream.

drone-aerial-photo-of-wedding-dinner-in-skiathos-elivi-hotelThe ambience was further elevated by the soft glow of candy fiesta lights that hung like stars across the venue, casting a warm and inviting atmosphere. Amidst this setting, guests savored their dinner, heartfelt speeches, laughter, and maybe even a few tears. The clinking of glasses, a universal language of celebration, was the only soundtrack we needed.


bridal-wedding-dinner-in-skiathosBut the pièce de résistance came after dinner—the couple’s first dance. As the guests looked on, Maggie and George took to the floor. The atmosphere intensified as Grooms Therapy serenaded the couple with their favorite song, the melodies of a saxophone and guitar filling the air. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as everyone watched the beautiful couple glide across the floor, their love for each other almost palpable.

As a photographer, moments like these—so full of love and sentiment—provide the inspiration that fuels my passion. It’s a blessing to be able to freeze these instances in time, offering couples a chance to relive them for years to come.



The Dance Floor Comes Alive: An Unforgettable Wedding Party at Elivi’s Nest and Beach Bar

Ah, the pièce de résistance of the entire celebration: the wedding party. This is where love crystallizes into jubilant dance steps, and where laughter turns into the music of the night. The atmosphere was charged with the joie de vivre of young, beautifully dressed individuals eager to let loose and celebrate the newlyweds. As the sunset kissed the horizon goodbye, the first act of the evening unfolded by the pool at Elivi’s Nest area. Here, the dance floor served as a canvas for the euphoric emotions of friends and family, each groove and beat amplifying the love in the air.

wedding dance floor in skiathos elivi hotel


Just when it seemed like the night had reached its zenith, a thrilling transition occurred. The celebration relocated to Elivi Hotel’s beach bar, welcoming a second DJ who effortlessly escalated the vibe. The energy surged like an electric current, culminating in an ecstatic dance-off that could rival even the most exuberant Carnival festivities. Imagine, if you will, all of their friends enveloping Maggie and George in a circle of joy, dancing under the constellation-studded sky of Skiathos. It was a moment that could have been lifted straight from a fairytale, transcending location and time.


As the night came to its inevitable close, it was impossible to overlook the overwhelming sense of unity that hung in the air—akin to a delicate perfume that you wish could linger forever. But even as the guests departed, the night left its indelible mark, destined to be recounted in stories and cherished in photos for years to come.


And here I find myself, filled with immense gratitude. To be not only their wedding photographer but also to stand as a friend and as an honored guest in their sublime celebration—it has been an unforgettable journey. Capturing the manifold instances of their love, framed by the splendor of Elivi Hotel and the natural beauty of Skiathos, was nothing short of an artist’s dream. To Maggie and George: thank you for entrusting me with your special moments, for allowing me to witness your love and joy up close. What an extraordinary blast it has been!