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…wedding in La Maltese, with a sailing trip to the volcano of Santorini. Incredibly romantic!

This was the first time in my professional career that I had ever posted the photos of a wedding before I got round to expressing my feelings in words –which happened somewhat later. After all, sometimes words are not enough to describe such powerful experiences. As I have often said, wedding photography is not just a job for me; it’s love, passion, and a way of living. And spending time with a couple in order to plan the best possible photographic coverage of their big day can make the human connection with them so strong that at the end it’s really hard to say good bye.

Santorini, a Magical Island

That was certainly the case with Ky and Ben, one of the most awesome couples I have ever met –sensitive and dynamic at the same time, warm and friendly, and above all, ready to show their feelings and share them with their guests. Even now, as I am writing these lines, I feel I can still taste the excitement of the fascinating sailing trip to the volcano of Santorini and the overwhelmingly emotional atmosphere of this wedding in La Maltese… But I guess I’d better start from the beginning.
Ky and Ben travelled all the way from Orlando, Florida, to one of the best Greek wedding destinations: Santorini. Santorini is indeed a magical island amid the endless Aegean blue, enveloped in the charm and mystery of ancient myths and legends. It combines tranquillity and stunning natural beauty with cosmopolitan life and luxury –along with the most romantic sunsets in the world of course!

An Unforgettable Experience

The first day started ideally with a sailing trip to the volcano. The sailboat –a traditional wooden vessel– was absolutely beautiful. It gave you the feeling you were actually travelling through time… Taking a stroll on the volcanic craters, against the backdrop of a mystical landscape with black rocks, was a unique experience –like walking on the surface of another planet.
Our second sailing destination was one of the famous colourful beaches of Santorini, a beach with red sand and very warm waters, accessible only by boat. And then there was a fantastic pre-wedding party on the sailboat, and the perfect end to a perfect day was a breathtaking sunset…

La Maltese: Wedding Day!

The following day the caldera hotel La Maltese, with panoramic views of the Aegean and the volcano, provided an idyllic setting for the wedding ceremony, which was highly charged with emotions. The newlyweds were beaming with joy and their love and happiness were palpable in the air. The bride was dazzling in her white lace wedding dress and her Jimmy Choo bridal shoes and the groom was evidently moved. Stella and Moscha wedding planners had added their artistic touches to create an exquisitely elegant scenery with elements from the Greek tradition and lovely floral decoration. Their overall contribution to the impeccable coordination of the wedding was invaluable. The wedding videographer Kostas Kastanakis was also there. We have worked together so many times that now we know each other very well and have become good friends.

To Ky & Ben

Emotions kept flowing throughout the rest of the day and especially during the reception. I must admit that I have rarely experienced something like this! Expressing your feelings openly is the best way to connect with the others and you, Ky and Ben, with your warmth and openness, really inspired me and helped me feel like one of your friends. Well, you’ve got one more friend now! Thank you sooooo much for giving me the chance to be there and capture your best moments! May you two live happily ever after!

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  1. yiannis alefantou

    I remember the day I met you Thanasis… and after that I remember the moment i believed in you more than believed my self… bringing back to life stories like this one you make me proud for every minute we have shared all these years… you heart, your eyes… your vision… they are all connected right now… together with your faith in God everything is working in a perfect balance… the only think you need to keep feeding right now is the love you will add behind everything… Thank you for having you in my life Thanasis… Thank you for everything.

    • thanasis kaiafas

      You remember this day my friend & i will never forget it… Because it was the time that my whole life changed… Thanks to you & your big heart!!! With your generosity sometimes its almost impossible to give back what you have given me, but i will keep trying…
      Thank you so much my friend!!!