Santorini Engagement Photos of Jin & Nancy

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Jin & Nansy are a true inspiration in their engagement photos in Santorini!

Happiness is made up of little moments of life, sweet, memorable moments that we cherish and treasure for a lifetime. Jin was determined to create such a moment for Nancy; and it was a great privilege and honour for me as a photographer to be asked to be there and capture it. It all started with Jin and Nancy’s plan to travel from Los Angeles to the Greek island they both loved, the breathtakingly beautiful Santorini, for an engagement photoshoot. After we had discussed and agreed on every detail, however, Jin sent me a separate e-mail asking me to cover another event the day before the planned photoshoot: he would take Nancy to her favourite restaurant for a romantic dinner… and a surprise marriage proposal!

I was absolutely thrilled as I had never done anything like this before. I was to get to the restaurant 5-10 minutes before them and be ready to capture the proposal. I must admit that I was so excited that I could almost hear my heart pounding in my chest. It is always so moving to witness strong, genuine feelings… A beautiful couple in love in a staggering natural landscape is one of the most inspiring combinations a wedding photographer might hope for. And of course Nancy said yes…

Next Day: Engagement Photos

During the photoshoot of the following day I could tell that the surprise proposal had brought Nancy and Jin, the loveliest Asian couple I have ever met, even closer to each other. They looked so perfect together! And this, I hope, is evident in their engagement photos –photos full of dazzling sunlight, the blue of the sky and the Aegean Sea, the white of the wave foams and the traditional houses and churches, and the pure magic of Santorini.

Dear Nancy & Jin, thank you with all my heart for giving me the chance to witness firsthand the love you share and narrate one of the best parts of your story with my camera step by step, from the wonderful surprise of the marriage proposal to the serene, happy moments of your amazing engagement photoshoot in Santorini!

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jin and nancy at the restaurant
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