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Santorini captures your heart even before you set foot on its mystical soil, when you first see its towering cliffs with the charming villages rising straight out of the crystalline cerulean waters. And once you are there, and you start discovering all its unique features, such as its spectacular volcanic landscape, amazing beaches, and magical sunsets along with its fascinating history, you can’t help falling in love with it. That’s why it is one of the most popular wedding destinations for couples from all over the world. Like Omar and Nakisa, from America and Persia, respectively. This sweet, modest and exceptionally beautiful couple chose to celebrate their love at Rocabella (literally meaning “beautiful rock”), a dream wedding resort located in Imerovigli, one of the most picturesque villages of the island.

The Moments Before the Wedding

The groom, who got ready in the company of his two brothers and father, was very stylish in his suit, complemented with a bow tie and a gold watch. During Nakisa’s preparation, Omar sent her a present and a love note saying “I can’t wait to marry you” & it was a very touching moment indeed!
Before the ceremony, Omar enjoyed a glass of champagne, while Nakisa had the time to sit on a rock overlooking the volcano and the whole caldera and relish a moment of peace. Then her bridesmaids helped her put on her splendid wedding dress and Sergio Rossi shoes, combined with a lovely bridal bouquet created by Betty Flowers Santorini. The occasion called for a special perfume, and Nakisa’s choice was Gabrielle by Chanel.

The Wedding Ceremony at Rocabella

The traditional Persian wedding ceremony was held at Rocabella hotel against the backdrop of a stunning view. Maria, the passionate and talented planner from Tie the Knot in Santorini had created an impressive floral decoration and made sure that everything was perfect.
The ceremony included many traditional elements, such as a mirror representing light and brightness in the future of the new couple, Persian sugar-coated almonds, silver and golden coins scattered on the table, crystals and honey for the end of the ceremony.
When all the guests had taken their places, Nakisa arrived on her father’s arm. The couple sat in front of the table and the mirror, and Omar’s father, who was the celebrant, proceeded with the ceremony, reading excerpts from religious texts. Suitable texts were also read by the parents and an uncle of the bride, and then her sister and a female friend held a fine fabric over the couple’s heads according to tradition. Then the vows were read and the celebrant raised the rings in the air before giving them to the couple. After the exchange of the rings, Omar lifted Nakisa’s veil and they both dipped their small fingers in the honey and then licked it, an action symbolizing sweetness and happiness in their future married life. The ceremony was concluded with the guests throwing rose petals at the newlyweds.

Special Moments – Wedding Reception

The photoshoot was a series of magical moments in a maze of cobbled roads among white-washed Cycladic houses and at selected spots overlooking the infinite blue sea and the imposing caldera.
When Santorini’s sunset was all over, it was time for the wedding reception at Rocabella. The newlyweds’ siblings made speeches narrating stories that brought laughter and tears of emotion! Then the girlfriends of the bride, following another tradition, started dancing, while Omar tried to snatch the knife that they were holding –the knife that would be used to cut the wedding cake. They kept dancing, refusing to give him the knife, so Omar had to “pay” them to manage to get the knife and cut the cake – it was so amazing to experience all these traditional moments with all the families taking part!
The most exciting moment of the wedding ceremony was with all the guests lit sparklers and the newlyweds danced for the first time as husband and wife. It was the spectacular end of an unforgettable day and, of course, the beginning of a wonderful new life for this beautiful couple.
Dear Nakisa & Omar you are one of the most kind & sweet couple I have ever met & thank you so much for trusting mr to capture all your amazing moments on your wedding day!

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