Nafplio Wedding | Fairytale in a Castle


…a fairytale Nafplio wedding, inside a medieval castle!

One of the best things about photographing weddings all over Greece and Europe is having the chance to see and explore wonderful new places that I might never have visited otherwise. However, what I absolutely love about my job is meeting amazing couples, whose kindness, warmth and trust have greatly enriched my life, taught me unique lessons and shaped me into the person I am today. Couples like Eleanna and Taki…

Photoshoot in Nafplio Castle

When I first spoke with Eleanna, who told me about her dream to have a photoshoot in Palamidi, the famous castle of Nafplio, I instantly shared her enthusiasm. The contrast between the timeless beauty of the old Venetian fortress and the elegant design of an exquisite contemporary wedding dress was an awesome idea. I must admit that the final result was above my own expectations!
Eleanna and Taki, who are Greek but live in the United States, are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever met. And there was clearly so much love between them that my camera fell in love with them! Isn’t it obvious in their pictures?
The bride and her bridesmaids, all dressed in dazzling white long dresses, in sharp contrast with the dark tuxedos of the groom and groom mates, drank champagne and had a great time in a fantastic bridal party. As to the groom, after his preparation, he gave each one of his pals a very nice gift: an amber komboloi (worry beads). He had received a marvelous present himself: a very imposing Rolex watch.

“First Look” Before the Wedding

The “first look” was staged in the vast green gardens of Amalia Hotel, among flowers and palm trees. The groom was very moved and it is no exaggeration to say that he was left speechless by his bride’s beauty (which is not strange at all, as Eleanna was crowned Miss Colorado USA in 2014). The next pictures were taken inside the aristocratic neoclassical hotel, with Taki seated at the piano and his bride proudly standing by his side, and then with the couple in front of an old marble fireplace and in the classically furnished hotel lounge, where blue and golden colors dominated.

A Story Like Fairytale…

The wedding ceremony was simply beautiful and when the newlyweds left the church they were showered with rice and flower petals symbolizing happiness, prosperity and fertility. At the reception, after the speeches of the siblings, it was the groom’s mother’s turn to speak. And she remembered a very touching detail: when Taki and Eleanna were kids, they had promised to marry each other when they grew up! And they eventually kept that promise! The atmosphere was very emotional and there were many misty eyes around… The shooting at the fortress was the happy epilogue of the wedding experience and the beginning of the couple’s happily ever after. And the castle was the ideal background for the pictures that narrate their love-story; a story like a fairytale come true!
Dear Eleanna & Taki thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the amazing experience and for the all the trust in my work!!!

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