Mykonos: Elegance in Star Hotel Chapel


wedding in mykonos


…a wedding in Mykonos and Star Hotel Church, beyond every fantasy!

The wedding story of Lauren & Jack

When Lauren and Jack started planning their wedding in Mykonos and they chose Star Hotel in the world-famous island of the winds, they were dreaming of sun-kissed golden beaches, crystal clear azure waters, bright Cycladic colors and a peaceful, romantic seaside setting. Well, they couldn’t have made a better choice because their wedding had it all.

I met Lauren a couple of months ago, while she was looking for a wedding photographer. She contacted me and we instantly clicked. It is not often that you meet someone you feel you have known all your life, but this was the case with Lauren, one of the friendliest, kindest and most warm-hearted persons I have ever met. The same goes for Jack: he was super calm and supportive and radiated confidence – the perfect match for sweet Lauren! They are such a loving couple and they both have very close and strong relationships with their families and friends, whose presence made the beginning of their new life together even happier. For me, being a part of their wedding day was such a privilege!

Moments Before the wedding

The big day started with the preparation of the groom in Korfos Hotel, in Ornos Bay. At the reception you could see excited people of all ages from the four corners of the earth, as the hotel had been booked for the couple’s guests. Jack had a fabulous time with his groomsmen. They laughed, talked, shared their thoughts and relaxed before the ceremony. Beer was served and everybody raised their glasses and drank to the happy couple and their future together. The groom and his 5 groomsmen wore black trousers, white coats and bow ties and they were all very elegant.

At Saint John hotel

After shooting some portraits of the groom, I left for Saint John Hotel, where the bride’s preparation was about to begin. Saint John Hotel is a luxurious honeymoon resort with exquisite views over the Aegean Sea and the legendary island of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

Lauren was there with her mother and two of her best friends, who were her bridesmaids. She had ordered gowns especially made for them, with the words “Mother of the Bride” and “Bridesmaid” printed respectively on the front in order to honor them. After some champagne, Lauren put on her wedding dress. I talked a little to her, knowing that a little chat always helps brides-to-be relax, and she told me that she was very excited that her dad would soon come to see her dressed as a bride. I knew it would be a very important moment for her because she is very close to him. When her father came, he hugged her tenderly and they both burst into tears.

The Big Day

The ceremony was held at Mykonos Star Hotel, in front of the dazzling white church of Saint Sostis, where the Mood Effects team had set up an amazing wedding arch consisting of hoops of white flowers intertwined with a few olive branches (for a little Greek touch) and green eucalypt (to add some more color to the Cycladic white and blue scenery). I had also the chance to work together with the amazing Mont Videographers that captured all the wedding in motion! As the guests arrived, they were greeted by the modern music played by a violin player, and then they all sat at a small amphitheater right across the church. When the music changed to a lower, sweeter melody, Jack knew his bride was there and slowly turned to see her. Lauren walked gracefully down the stairs on her father’s arm, while the groom was watching her with eyes full of love and admiration. Love and euphoria was palpable in the air when the celebrant started the ceremony. Two friends of the couple read poems and finally, after Lauren and Jack exchanged their vows and wedding rings and the necessary formality of the signing was over, the celebrant uttered the much-awaited words: “You may now kiss the bride”. The first kiss, as was expected, was cheered enthusiastically by everybody present. All this enthusiasm and excitement is evident in the group photo of all the guests I took from above.

The Wedding Reception

Later on, the wedding reception was held at the same hotel. The candlelight and the elegant decoration and floral arrangements prepared by Mood Effects and Mykonos Flowers created a very romantic atmosphere enhanced by the sun setting behind the island of Delos.

The bride’s father gave the first wedding speech, a very emotional, heartfelt speech indeed! The groom spoke next and then it was Lauren’s turn. Her speech was brief but very touching, especially when she said, “Today I married my best friend!!!”

All in all, it was a perfect wedding that reminded me once again how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer and capture such precious happy moments for eternity.

groom in mykonos wedding holding drinks
groom with friends in mykonos korfos hotel
shoes and bow tie of the groom in cycladic wedding
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groomsmen wearing bow tie in mykonos
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wedding in mykonos with groom and groomsmen
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groom with groomsmen drinking beer
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bridesmaids in st John mykonos hotel
bride drinking champagne in saint John, mykonos
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bridesmaids helping the bride with the wedding dress in mykonos wedding
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bride holding bouquet in st John mykonos wedding
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saint sostis white curch in mykonos
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groom in mykonos star amphitheater hotel
groom arriving in-mykonos star for the wedding ceremony
groom with groomsmen in st sostis  star hotel
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