Sarah & Salim | Wedding in Mykonos


Just picture this: a beautiful couple, a fabulous wedding, friends and relatives ready to have the time of their lives, rousing music, non-stop partying and dancing for 3 days on end, and all this against the backdrop of the breathtakingly scenic Mykonian landscape where ancient myths blend in harmony with modern luxury. A perfect setting for the celebration of a new beginning!
Sarah & Salim are from Jordan. Meeting these two very special people and their lovely families was a blessing. And it was a delight to capture their joy and happiness and be part of this incredible 3-day party!
It all started at Sea Satin, near the windmills, with the enchanting songs of the famous Lebanese singer Asmara. It was like a private concert for the couple that eventually turned into the best pre-wedding party ever! The music was so great that there was not a single guest who didn’t feel like dancing. And I was honestly impressed by their amazing dancing skills. The atmosphere was unbelievable! Although I was holding a camera and was busy taking shots, I swear, my feet almost started dancing by themselves! I have never had such a strong experience in my whole life.
The wedding ceremony took place in one of the most awesome and elegant hotels in Mykonos, the Royal Myconian Resort, while the wedding reception was held by the spectacular pool of the Utopia, another Myconian Resort with a panoramic view over Elia Beach and the azure Aegean Sea. Also the second part of the wedding party took place at the Utopia with Dany & Gary from the Pianista Group to enjoying everyone!!!
Vana Efkleidou from White Ribbon had a marvellous concept for this wedding, combining snow-white wedding flowers with sky-blue fabrics. The landscape architecture and the wedding decoration were along the same lines.
The third day unfolded at Solymar, a restaurant offering excellent Mediterranean cuisine with charming ethnic elements, where we all gathered to share the excitement inspired by the perfect wedding day, and soon another party was in full swing! I couldn’t believe it. The happy couple and their guests revelled and the party rocked for hours! It was definitely a wedding to remember: abundant in music, dancing, fun, and the magical colour of the Middle-Eastern culture, a culture I really love and admire.
In this awesome wedding i had the chance to work with lee bakogiannakis from 2dGstyle and it was really an unforgettable experience! Every time i feel so honored to be with such great artists & videographers!
Sarah & Salim, thank you so much for having me at your wonderful wedding! It was an honour for me to be your wedding photographer. May all your days be sunny and all your dreams come true!








  1. Thanos Asfis

    Great job party guy !!!!!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Thank you so much my friend!!!! Your feedback means a lot for me!!!