Boho wedding in Mykonos Hippie Fish


a Boho wedding beyond every fantasy, in Mykonos Hippie  Fish…

Wedding photos in Hippie Fish Mykonos

Mykonos, the legendary island of the winds, is one of the most popular wedding destinations worldwide; its name instantly brings to mind dazzling white windmills, houses and churches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and golden beaches.

For Nicole and Geoff, who adore the simplicity of white, the Cycladic architecture and the fresh, rejuvenating ‘’meltemi’’ wind, Mykonos was then the most natural and ideal choice for the celebration of their love with a romantic boho wedding.
The day before the wedding we did a great engagement photoshoot at an unbelievably beautiful Mykonian beach with magical colours. The happy couple danced their first dance a capella on a rocky hill by the sea, with a white fishing boat completing the serene, idyllic setting.
The wedding day started with wedding preparations in Aether, a very stylish boutique hotel with traditional mykonian architecture & white washed walls! The lovely bride was a vision of beauty in her exquisite strapless flowy wedding dress. There was harmony in every little detail, from the floral wedding arch and the elegant overall wedding decoration created by Kallina Weddings & Event Designers to the wonderful bouquet that Nicole was holding, one of the sweetest bridal bouquets I have ever seen!
The wedding ceremony, which was held in Hippie Fish, included many “spiritual” elements. After Geoff took his position under the arch, there came two young ladies, who burned bunches of leaves and, with the help of two bird feathers, directed the scented smoke towards the guests. They were followed by the couple’s nephew, who brought the rings on a white wedding ring cushion. When Nicole appeared and started walking down the aisle, Geoff was evidently moved, while the guests showed their enthusiasm cheering and putting their hands up in the air.
Rebecca, the cerebrant, walked three times around the couple holding the burning leaves. Then a young girl read a book excerpt about the sea, while the bride and the groom had turned and were watching the infinite blue sea. After that, Rebecca asked them to symbolically plant two small olive seedlings that they had brought from America. Geoff’s wedding wreath, which was made of olive leaves, was tied with his bride’s flower wreath, and they both ate sugared almonds and drank rosé wine. Then they exchanged rings and vows and left under a rain of multicolored confetti. The wedding day continued with a wedding reception at Hippie Fish with all the beloved guests dancing under the fireworks – a perfect epilogue for a perfect day!
Dearest Nicole & Geoff your wedding was one of the most amazing celebrations of this summer and im so thrilled & honoured for all your trust!!!

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