Boho Elopement in Santorini


Just got back from Santorini and I’m so sooo happy because my first photoshoot of this amazing year, was the elopement of Chanelle & Xavier! I really can’t help it when i have the chance to be part of the experience with such amazing couples.
Chanelle & Xavier traveled from Miami to elope in this awesome landscape & i absolutely loved their character! The emotions at the ceremony were so real & i could hardly hold my tears… It is so strond the feeling when someone express emotions in such a real way!
The decoration of the elopement had a Boho style, full of colors in every flower that Maria Sila from Tie The Knot in Santorini had so perfectly matched with Santorini’s landscape. Working with this amazing team make me feel so excited & the results are always so awesome!
Dear Chanelle & Xavier i can’t thank you enough for your kindness & for trusting me to capture your most important moments!!!

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