Wedding in Costa Navarino, Greece

Costa Navarino

The best dreams are the ones you share with those you love. And when you start your brand new life, like Christos and Keke, surrounded by the love and the positive energy of your friends and family, what more could you possibly wish for? The captivating natural landscape and the exquisite luxury of Costa Navarino, near Pylos, was the most ideal backdrop for a wedding impeccably organized despite the busy schedules of the couple, who have to travel a lot for professional reasons. I remember all those Skype calls with Keke, to New York, Dubai, New York again, and so on… I hope you’ll agree, though, that the result was worth it!
People came for the happy event from the four corners of the world – San Francisco, New York, Dubai, California, and of course sunny Greece. It’s really hard, however, to find the right words to describe the lucky couple’s friends, their enthusiasm and resourcefulness, and the terrific atmosphere they created. I realized what would happen at the end of the first day, when Christos’ close friends arranged an unforgettable speech session. I leave the rest to your imagination. There was so much joy and laughter… and lots of unpredictable situations – in other words, everything that brings people together, creates precious memories and makes a wedding memorable…
Everyone enjoyed the crazy beach party at the beautiful beach of Romanos, near Barbouni restaurant, that was followed by a great dinner party in Yalova in the evening. The preparations of the bride and bridegroom were made at the Romanos Resort, Costa Navarino, and the wedding ceremony was held in Zoodochos Peghe Monastery.
I won’t say much about the wedding; I’d rather let the photos speak. Everything was just perfect: from the Vera Wang wedding dress, the Badgley Mischka shoes and the Tiffany wedding rings to the elegant invitations, the bombonieres (favors) and the fans – all DIY by Keke! And a little funny detail: throughout the ceremony, a praying mantis sitting on the priest’s hat seemed to be carefully watching what was going on!
This fantastic three-day experience culminated in the wedding reception in Westin, with plenty of food and alcohol, and lots of dancing, singing, jokes, fun, and emotion too… The photographic epilogue was written at the relaxed green setting of the golf course the following day. In this wedding also i had the opportunity to work with Kostas Kastanakis, a great friend & an awesome videographer!
Christos & Keke, thank you with all my heart for allowing me to share these incredible moments with you. And of course a huge thanks to all the amazing guys who were there to celebrate your love with you for making me feel I was really one of them…

  1. maria

    υπεροχη δουλεια!μπραβο!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Σε ευχαριστω πολυ Μαρια για το αμεσο comment σου!!!

  2. Christos Nikas | Showtime

    We had the honor & pleasure to dj this amazing wedding. I think there was no better way to capture what we have experienced there, than this amzing photoshooting by Thanassis. Looking at your photos from the party, I can still hear Zorbas playing on the speakers. Thank you for keeping this phenomenal vibe and feeling alive forever.

    Christos Nikas | Wedding dj based in Athens

  3. thanasis kaiafas

    Christos thank you so much for your kind words! Your style & music created all this emotions & feelings! Look forward for the next party with you 🙂

  4. Rea Goanos

    Bravo Thanasis! You truly captured the spirit of my sister’s wedding. Amazing photographs! I cannot wait to see the rest. Thank you for the time you spent with Keke and Christos.

  5. thanasis kaiafas

    Rea thank you form my heart for your comment! What we have lived together is now fulfilled with your comments!!!


    These are the best wedding photos I have ever seen and been a part of. WOW! Breathtakingly beautiful captured moments of celebration! Bravo Thanasi “Paparazzi!” Kaiafas!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      John thank you my friend for this awesome comment! It has been a great pleasure being there and sharing these moments with you!

  7. george pahountis

    χαιρομαι να σε βλεπω φιλε Θαναση…

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Και εγω φιλε οταν εισαι εδω μου γραφεις τοσο θερμα λογια, πιστεψε με πεταω απ΄τη χαρα μου! Σε ευχαριστω παρα πολυ Γιωργο!


    Θανάση παντα ….. εμπευσμένος!!

    • thanasis kaiafas

      Μαρια σε ευχαριστω πολυ για τις ευχες σου!

  9. Keke & Christos - The Bride & Groom


    The wedding photos are absolutely amazing! It is truly difficult to find words to describe the work you’ve done here and the whole experience we lived with you. You are extremely talented and were an integral part of wedding from day one , actively living and capturing these special moments with us and our friends and family, and actually bringing out the best in us and the whole experience. The positive feedback from our friends across the world has also been very enthusiastic. A big thank you… We were actually laughing during our honeymoon saying it would have been great if we had you here for a photoshoot! We very much look forward to having you with us again during our special moments in the future in Dubai and Greece and beyond, you can consider yourself the official paparazzi photographer of the Mastoras household!

    Polla filia, Christos & Keke

    • thanasis kaiafas

      i was driving back home and i was thinking about you & the awesome experience of those three days… All of the memories with you are engraved deep in my heart. And suddenly amidst all this scene I see your comment … Keke & Christos sincerely looking forward to meet you again, even in the remotest part of the world. Thank you from my heart for everything once again! It is an honor to be with you…

      A big hug,