Athens Wedding | Romance in Porto Germeno

boho wedding

…an Athenian wedding in Porto Germeno, a hidden gem of Attica.

Why would a modern young couple who live in New York, one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and have practically traveled all over the globe choose to get married in a little place in Greece that is not even included in the most popular wedding destinations of the country? It is quite simple: Tina and Jared have fallen in love with the peaceful idyllic summer resort of Porto Germeno in West Attica and feel particularly attached to it, especially since this was where Jared proposed to Tina about a year ago. And they wanted the ceremony to take place at the very spot where the marriage proposal was made: in an ancient castle. Can you think of anything more romantic?

During the Groom Preparation…

The friends and relatives who had traveled from all over the world to share in their celebration showered the lovely couple with love. The atmosphere was simply unbelievable! During the groom preparation Jared offered each one of his eight groom mates a small leather bag that contained two very special gifts: a tie and a belt similar to his own. He actually measured his friends’ waists, cut the belts to the right length and pierced the holes himself! As he explained, all the belts had been made of the same piece of leather, which symbolized the strong friendship that binds them together. A very original and interesting idea!

Wedding Ring Exchange

During the wedding ring exchange, Jared surprised his bride with a second wedding ring –one that he knew Tina wanted. And of course she loved it! The ceremony was symbolic, combining elements from different cultures and civilizations: Greek olive wreaths, coins symbolizing the prosperity offered by the groom to the bride –a Philippines wedding custom, as Jared is from Philippines– and the breaking of the glass, which is a Jewish wedding tradition. Tina, who had been the life and soul of the whole wedding preparation process, was radiant in her fantastic wedding dress. And as to the wedding vows, they were so emotionally charged that both the couple and many of the guests cried with happiness.

Boho Wedding Ideas

The colors that dominated this Boho wedding, the decoration and the entire concept were amazing, but I guess one could expected nothing less from two people so passionate about design, painting, music and the fine arts in general. Every little detail mattered! You will have noticed the big wall on which Jared seems to be writing something with a paintbrush. This wall contained the names of all the guests and was actually a clever way to indicate the table seats for the reception. I shouldn’t forget to mention the pebbles collected from the beach· each guest found a beautiful pebble with their name on it (written calligraphically by Jared himself!) on the reception table.

Decoration & Wedding Planning

Special mention should be made of the efforts and the organizational skills of Katerina – Kallina Coordinators , the wedding planner , who did her best to make the couple’s dream wedding come true. She deserves credit for her part in the success. I also had a perfect cooperation with the videographer Nikos Dimou & Dj Christos Nikas – Showtime & i must say that I feel really lucky when I work with such talented professionals.

Both the reception and the party took place at the same venue as the wedding ceremony. The sweet pink flowers of bougainvillea added a touch of natural beauty to the picture. It was a truly wonderful wedding experience and I was delighted to meet all these amazing people. I am sure that day was everything Tina and Jared had been dreaming of. And I feel happy that I had the honour of being their photographer and capturing glimpses of their love and happiness. Dearest Tina & Jared thank you so much for all the trust & for having me part of your amazing celebration!

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