Baptism in Aegina

Η βαπτιση της Φιλιππας ειναι απο αυτες που με ολη μου τη καρδια ηθελα να κανω αυτη τη χρονια… Λογω των ταξιδιων για φωτογραφησεις σε γαμους με ζευγαρια που ειχαν επιλεξει σαν προορισμο καποιο νησι, ο χρονος ηταν αρκετα περιορισμενος… Αλλα αυτο δεν σταθηκε εμποδιο για τον Χρηστο & την Ισιδωρα… Καταφεραμε να ορισουμε την ημερομηνια απο κοινου και θελω να τους ευχαριστησω για την ευκαρια που μου εδωσαν να ειμαι παρων σε μια απο τις ποιο ιδιαιτερες & σημαντικες βαπτισεις που εχω φωτογραφισει μιας και εγινε μεσα στη θαλασσα! Η φωτογραφιση εγινε στην Αιγινα και ηταν μια απο τις ποιο ωραιες εμπειριες. Χρηστο & Ισιδωρα σας ευχαριστω για ολα οσα μου δωσατε τοσο καρδιακα αυτες τις δυο ημερες!

Philippa’s baptism was one of those I had been really looking forward to shooting this year. The only problem was that, due to a series of trips I had to take to various islands chosen as wedding venues by the couples whose weddings I had undertaken to shoot, I was rather pressed for time… This did not deter Christos and Isidora, though… Because where there is a will, there is a way. So, we finally managed to pick a mutually convenient date and fortunately it was all settled. Now I can’t thank them enough for having given me the chance to be present at one of the most special days in their life! But I have one more reason to feel grateful, as this happened to be one of the most original and memorable bapti I have ever shot. If you just take a look at the pictures, you will see what I mean. Little Philippa was not immersed in the traditional baptismal font but in the crystal clear sea waters of beautiful Aegina! And I must say this was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences I have had as a photographer.
Christos and Isidora, I would like to thank you once again for everything you gave me so generously and wholeheartedly during those two unforgettable days!